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Al Mukhamariyah

Starting from: 26, Dec 2022

Mukhamariyah is a unique type of perfumery, crafted with imported natural ingredients. It is traditionally used by Emirati women, specifically preparing a bride for wedding day. Not only does the Mukh

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Punch needle art with traditional patterns

Starting from: 25, Dec 2022

Learn to create fun textured designs by using the punch needle embroidery technique

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Terrazzo art

Starting from: 19, Dec 2022

Learn how to craft your own terrazzo plate by using jesmonite and adding dried herbs.

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Candle making with Clay elemant

Starting from: 18, Dec 2022

Cutomize your own candle by preparing and adding fragrance

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Perfumed Oud – Making 

Starting from: 28, Dec 2022

Learn the way of saturating and mixing pure oil perfume to create your signature scent.

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Henna Preparation

Starting from: 11, Dec 2022

Learn the tradional way to preparing henna and adding natural dyes to reach your desired color.

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Perfumed Dukhoor - Making

Starting from: 29, Dec 2022

Learn the techinque of adding, mixing and creating your own signature Dukhoor scent

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Mukhamaria Making

Participant will be working closely with an HOA perfumist artisan, where she will explain in depth the history of scents and will be creating their own Mukhamariya

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